Pearl Harber Surprise Attack or Government Conspericy – You decide

On December 7, 1941, the United States was unjustly attacked by Japan. Official government policy states that this attack was a surprise. There are some individuals that believe that the government knew. They site America’s growing intelligence agencies, because they had been able to decipher all but one of the Japanese codes. Unfortunately, due to security risk, most of what had been deciphered had not been reported. By 1995, there has been ten inquires made by government officials concerning the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some people have suggested that it was Roosevelt’s plan to lure Japan into attacking the United States. They draw this conclusion from the fact that Roosevelt would not listen to warnings about stationing the Pacific fleet in Hawaii. Several officers, who were later dismissed from the military, tried to warn Roosevelt that the Pacific fleet would be vulnerable if attacked at Pearl Harbor. They also site, Roosevelt’s desire to help Great Britain and enter the war in Europe. We may never truly know what was known or unknown to the President, because of destroyed files and classified files not being declassified. Since there is no solid fact that the President knew of the impending attack, all allegations are strictly interpretive. In conclusion, there are two major narratives, the traditional narrative, which says he did not know about the attack and the revisionist’s theory, which suggests that he knew about the attacks based on his policies, diplomatic messages sent to England and the code breaking skills of the Navy and Army.



3 thoughts on “Pearl Harber Surprise Attack or Government Conspericy – You decide

  1. The support you provide regarding why the attack on Pearl Harbor is controversial is really interesting – it definitely makes me want to gather as much information as possible. Your post reminds me that although the US and its allies technically won the war, a lot more may have gone into that victory than initially meets the eye.

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  3. I can’t vote. I think I need more information. And I hate to do this, but it would help people take you more seriously if spell “conspiracy” and “cite” correctly.

    Of course, I agree there is a lot of controversy. You might want to specify who “cites” these points (although in the context in looks like “US government policy,” it’s very unclear).It would also help if you list your sources for “files being destroyed and classified or not declassified.”

    Something that might be related to your topic, however, is the “Hull note”:

    Still, very interesting post. I’m glad you shared it.

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